Imaginary Mary season 1

Imaginary Mary season 1 will forcefully emerge you into a very interesting life of Mary who has an imaginary friend while being a grown-up serious independent woman. After meeting a man she loves, Mary feels that every next step is a step closer to the total darkness and uncertainty. When she in doubts, her imaginary […]

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Shots Fired season 1

Shots Fired season 1 will start the exploration of a very controversial and somewhat dangerous for modern media topic – racial tensions. The narrative will bring us to a quite city somewhere in North Carolina. The state notorious for its serenity and tranquility (most of the times) is shocked by a series of shootouts between […]

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Guerrilla season 1

Guerrilla season 1 is a miniseries that promise us a great adventurous journey through the thrilling period of 1970s when the United Kingdom was shaking from political disputes and conflicts tearing apart the country from the inside. Guerrilla is an interesting TV creation just due to the fact that it brings together amazingly talented people […]

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I’m Dying Up Here season 1

I’m Dying Up Here season 1 will start the new chapter of TV career for Jim Carey himself. He is not an actor in this TV show, but he is the showrunner and will try to make us laugh and cry like never before. Jim Carey is a huge TV personality who made himself through […]

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The Librarians season 3

Episodes: 10 of 10

The Librarians Season 3 once again allows us to dive into the story about a team of highly intelligent and knowledgeable individuals who have to protect various powerful artifacts from those who may use it for evil causes. The whole new season of fights between our brave heroes and villains that want to obtain the […]

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The Royals season 3

Episodes: 7 of 10

The Royals Season 3 will bring back one of the most beloved TV series about the difficulties that a family full of “your majesties” face in the world where having a blue blood is nothing special. People do not awe at kings and queens anymore, but these kings and queens did not perish. They are […]

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The Affair season 3

Episodes: 9

The Affair Season 3 will once again bring to us our favorite heroes. The continuation will find its beginning 3 years later the events in S2. Life won’t go easy on some people and amongst them Noah who struggles to recover from heartbreaking moments that he lived through during the previous season. Punches from the […]

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Mercy Street season 2

Episodes: 1

Mercy Street Season 2 is a great story about humanity and its values. The show focuses on moral sides of building a properly functioning society where the disparities between social layers are obsolete. However, the society of 1860s is far from the dream. There are various problems with the world itself and only a couple […]

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Endeavour season 4

Episodes: 3

Endeavour season 4 will bring back our beloved Endeavour Morse and some of his friends. The TV show that became one of the most important TV movies of the last decade for the whole British television still runs well and attracts millions of viewers all across the world. After three seasons of highly intense detective […]

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Homeland season 6

Episodes: 2 of 12

Homeland Season 6 will take us all on a continuation of a very intriguing journey that has been one of America’s favorite stories over the course of several years. A truly amazing story about military and intelligence professionals is still captivating and brings to us emotions and plot twists that can amaze the most demanding […]

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