Better Call Saul season 3

Episodes: 7

Better Call Saul season 3 is the latest set of episodes of the show about one of the most charming and knowledgeable lawyers who is known as Jimmy McGill. While his prowess in the legal field is unquestionable for many people, he managed to get in the radar of the law and now faces a […]

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Young & Hungry season 5

Episodes: 10 of 12

Young & Hungry season 5 is a much anticipated continuation of a TV show that made a name of Gabi Diamond popular amongst a wide audience of those who love interesting stories and a great mix of comedy and drama. Backed up by strong performances from the whole ensemble of actors and constructed from solid […]

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Jane the Virgin season 3

Episodes: 20 of 22

Certainly, the last season ending kept all the viewers guessing as to what consequences will unexpected plot twist lead. The third season of the series “Jane the Virgin” goes on oozing emotion and intrigue, as we are to discover the fate of Michael, a police detective that has recently become her husband. Having made a […]

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Outcast season 2

Episodes: 8 of 10

Outcast season 2 will keep following a full of drama TV show by Cinemax. Robert Kirkma definitely made himself a name amongst producers by creating comics, graphic novels, and short stories that boggle minds of millions. His most famous creation is The Walking Dead, but it is certainly not his only work. Outcast started as […]

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Gotham season 3

Episodes: 19 of 22

Gotham season 3 will tell the viewers about the never-ending struggle for Gotham City. Be ready to learn about the Court of Owls – a secret establishment dominating Gotham. These high-powered people regulate the lives in the city for a long time. They could be those found responsible for tragedy in the Wayne family. A […]

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Supergirl season 2

Episodes: 22

Supergirl season 2 will keep on telling a story about the young woman with super abilities and, as expected, super responsibilities. New challenges are awaiting Kara Kent (Melissa Marie Benoist), a girl from Krypton. Will she face them with proper dignity? Being one of those who luckily survived after Krypton’s destruction, she is going on […]

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Into the Badlands season 2

Episodes: 10

Into the Badlands season 2 jumps into the action right at the moment when the previous season dropped the narrative. Now, MK and Sunny have to walk separate roads and pursue different goals. While Aramis has to learn how to live with his immense dark energy inside and manage it, Sunny has way more trivial […]

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Twin Peaks season 3

Episodes: 4

Twin Peaks Season 3 is possibly the most anticipated continuation of any media product since 1990s. After becoming a cult TV show in 90s, Twin Peaks created by David Lynch himself created more questions and gave from little to no answers. We loved everything about that masterpiece: the setting, the storytelling, the suspense, and acting. […]

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Veep season 6

Episodes: 6

Veep season 6 continues to build the legacy of one of the most successful comedic TV shows ever produced by HBO. Centered around an extravagant and somewhat weird politician who upgrades her position in the top echelons of US politics from a vice president to the president, this show immediately received a lot of praise […]

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Shades of Blue season 2

Episodes: 13

Shades of Blue season 2 will keep following the life of Harlee Santos who is still struggling between good and evil. The balance is very hard to find and our lives are not made of only black and white. Sometimes, there is grey. Sometimes, there is blue. The show had a very good first season […]

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