Scorpion season 3

Episodes: 17

Scorpion Season 3 picks up the breadcrumbs left to us by our heroes previously. The mysteries continue to appear all over the world and our team of extravagant geniuses has to keep their calm and fight against evil wherever they are needed. With Mark Collins being no longer a threat, the team felt at ease […]

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The Halcyon season 1

Episodes: 8 of 8

The Halcyon Season 1 opens the gates into the world of struggles that a famous hotel had to live in during the WWII. The war is flaming all around the British empire and it seems that there is no end to devastating bombings and desperate screams. When the first bomb falls on the capital of […]

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Bates Motel season 5

Episodes: 1

Bates Motel season 5 will bring back the talented crew of the TV show that made us all re-watch some of Hitchcock’s classic movies. This contemporary prequel to one of the cult movies created by Alfred Hitchcock in 1960s amazed both viewers and professional critics blending together great performances, thrilling storytelling, and incredibly immersive setting. […]

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Jane the Virgin season 3

Episodes: 12 of 22

Certainly, the last season ending kept all the viewers guessing as to what consequences will unexpected plot twist lead. The third season of the series “Jane the Virgin” goes on oozing emotion and intrigue, as we are to discover the fate of Michael, a police detective that has recently become her husband. Having made a […]

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Timeless season 1

Episodes: 16

A new TV series Timeless will tell the story about the power of changes: changes in the past that can lead the big shifts at present. But did you know that new technologies from present can be so powerful, that they can change history? Just fancy: scientists secretly have created a time machine. It is […]

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2 Broke Girls season 6

Episodes: 17

2 Broke Girls Season 6 starts where previous season ends. Now, both Caroline and Max are in charge of the café. They welcome this development and want to make changes to the diner immediately. They want to swap their old cupcakes for a whole dessert bar and this idea can greatly improve the business. Being […]

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Shadowhunters season 2

Episodes: 8

Shadowhunters Season 2 looks like a solid continuation of a popular TV show about mysterious warriors who fight against evil all over the world. The premise of the story tells us the origins of one of the most impactful warriors that the world has ever seen. Clary is a great individual with immense powers. She […]

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Chicago Fire season 5

Episodes: 14

Chicago Fire Season 5 is a continuation of the show about a dedicated team of firefighters. This highly effective team seems like a family with all the problems that usually complement this comparison. They all have issues and they all help each other in solving them. With their lives dedicated to rescuing people and saving […]

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A.P.B. season 1

Episodes: 3

APB Season 1 is the beginning of a new criminal drama that involves lots of plot twists, a charismatic protagonist, and an original premise. We hope that this combination will be able to carry the weight of the TV show. FOX is notorious for making hits out of mediocre ideas. Now, they have just a […]

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24: Legacy

Episodes: 4 of 12

«24: legacy» is the «fresh» format of all welcome franchise that brings new characters, but continues impressing TV audience with its unsurpassed characteristics and manners of the newly made TV show. Will the former military, Eric Carter, be returned to civilian life? The operation of the liquidation of the terrorist leader, Sheik Ibrahim Bin-Khalid, has […]

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