The Mist season 1

Episodes: 5 of 10

The Mist season 1 is the gate to the new mysterious world of ever spreading mist. A cult book by Steven King once made history and has been made into various other media several times including comic and film adaptation. This is a very strong horror fiction story with grotesque depiction of human nature and […]

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Queen Of The South season 2

Episodes: 7

Queen of the South season 2 digs deeper in the intriguing life story of Teresa Mendoza whose quick ascension to the top of the criminal underworld. While the narrative becomes denser and more focused around the main protagonist, we are introduced to a whole bunch of new interesting characters that all have charismatic appeal and […]

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Pulse season 1

Episodes: 1

Pulse season 1 is the first step of a new procedural medical TV show about a group of very talented and highly responsible doctors who have to work with limited resources in suburbs of big cities. The show will focus its attention of several medical specialists who work in a department of cardiosurgery. Talented surgeons […]

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The Night Shift season 4

Episodes: 5

The Night Shift season 4 picks up the story from the moment we left our heroes previously. Employees of San Antonio Memorial clinic are still an interesting bunch to watch and their relationships with each other keep getting more and more complex. Each of our heroes has to serve to patients with all they have […]

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Zoo season 3

Episodes: 4

Zoo season 3 is a great choice for those who enjoy interesting sci-fi stories and feel concerned about the future of our planet. When mother nature starts its crusade against humanity, it is really hard to its coming. In Zoo, fauna of the world becomes hostile towards humanity and all animals united are trying to […]

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Nashville season 5

Episodes: 19

Nashville Season 5 will focus on the lives of several country-music stars whose careers are full of problems and often interfere with their personal lives. While many people believe that music stars live an easy life, the real world is full of problems and dilemmas and often paved with one disappointment after another. Rayna and […]

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Queen Sugar season 2

Episodes: 6

Queen Sugar season 2 does not change its course and maintains its focus on the life of Bordelons who are struggling to bring their farming business to financial success. With constant external pressure and bad weather being against our heroes, the show manages to keep tension high despite lacking any real villains. This is a […]

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I’m Sorry season 1

Episodes: 3

I’m Sorry season 1 looks like a nice autobiographic story of Andrea Savage who is known for her excellent sense of humor and multiple successful shows that she was a part of. Praised for her bravery and ability to write good comedy as well as performing it in a stellar manner, Savage is great at […]

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Cleverman season 2

Episodes: 4

Cleverman season 2 carefully carries on with the narrative that was a surprisingly fresh idea last year. One of the most interesting new original sci-fi shows that definitely attracted some attention, Cleverman season 2 is a great continuation to an action-packed fantasy adventure that has lots of things to bring to the table in terms […]

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Kingdom season 3

Episodes: 8 of 10

Kingdom Season 3 will bring back our most favored heroes from Kingdom. Heroes that made us cry, laugh, and truly cheer for their success. A highly successful critically acclaimed TV show that features great action and interesting thrilling plot in equal measure is back once again for the third season bringing to us Kulina’s family […]

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