Ray Donovan season 5

Episodes: 3

Ray Donovan season 5 is a proof that a good premise with great cast and competent screenwriting can create a long lasting TV show that will make everyone happy. Released several years ago, it immediately became the best-rated TV show of Showtime and made millions of viewers tune in regularly to see the next episode […]

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Ballers season 3

Episodes: 5

Ballers season 3 rolls forward in a decisive manner and wants to make a case for one of the most consistent shows on HBO. Created by truly creative showrunners and led by experienced performers like Dwayne Johnson, the show is a definitely a good entertainment for those who enjoy serious comedies. Johnson proved many times […]

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Suburra season 1

Suburra season 1 does not shy away from showing some of the dirtiest things that happen behind the scenes of Italian politics. Created by one of the legends of Italian television Michele Placido, the series will show some of the problems related to corruption and law bending from a new perspective. Many Italian TV shows […]

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Tangled season 1

Episodes: 11

Tangled season 1 is a kick-off for a whole show about Rapunzel. When the movie became a huge commercial success and received praise from both viewers and critics, the expansion of the brand was just a matter of time. However, with a tight schedule of releases, Disney will definitely struggle to find a spot for […]

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Tin Star season 1

Tin Star season 1 gives you a perfect opportunity to dive deep into the world of British organized crime. The underworld ruled by cold blooded murderers and mercantile black market dealers is the most common ground for John Worth whose dangerous adventure in a much bigger pond of London has ended as he moves with […]

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One Mississippi season 2

One Mississippi season 2 still has some steam and keeps going hard led by an immensely talented Tig Notaro whose ability to improvise and pick the right comedic timing for each situation is exactly what makes the show shine brightly amongst competitors. Some of the most gifted actors often lead their shows competently but in […]

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9JKL season 1

9JKL season 1 brings in some truly smart humor and excellent improvisation from a very talented crew of comedians and writers. The comedy’s most focal point of interest is the vague borderline between family and personal life. When you start a family, you don’t really give up your little secrets and your personality. The very […]

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Spider-Man season 1

Episodes: 2 of 6

Spider-Man season 1 takes you to the long living yet still exciting world of a teenage superhero that everyone loves and adores. Spidey is once again reimaged by artists who decided to bring their new vision of this amazing hero to small screens. Animated series has been quite satisfying and even some of the latest […]

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Power season 4

Episodes: 9

Power season 4 keeps the pace of the show rhythmic and engaging. After a huge cliffhanger, the show once again revs up its engines and brings up to a new conflict between characters. When a notorious criminal decides to retire and start a calm life where guns and robberies are only distant noises on the […]

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Survivor’s Remorse season 4

Episodes: 1

Survivor’s Remorse season 4 does not plan to stop the fun. One of the most successful agendas of LeBron James, this show is definitely something spectacular. Despite being a relatively small show without loud critic recognition, this niche concept managed to captivate the attention of millions of viewers. It is a fresh fusion of comedy […]

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