Star Wars Rebels season 3

Episodes: 15 of 22

Star Wars Rebel Season 3 dives into the action and emerges us in a sequence of events caused by what happened in the previous season. The breathtaking journey of Ghost crew winds up and more obstacles are appearing on the horizon as Sabina zealously desires to bargain with Mandalorians and Ezra is struggling to fight […]

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MacGyver season 1

Episodes: 16

MacGyver is a reboot of the eponymous series. This story will be focused on a young Angus MacGyver, a man who is famous for his abilities to solve problems by unusual ways. Angus or simply “Mac” is now recruited by a covert organization which main goal is to save people around the world. Here he […]

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Hawaii Five-0 season 7

Episodes: 17 of 24

Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 seamlessly switches from the last season to the next one picking up the action right from the moment when the previous season ended. One of the most beloved American law enforcing squads is about to start uncovering more crimes! While McGarret was heavily wounded, he is not a soft guy who […]

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Colony season 2

Episodes: 6

Colony Season 2 keeps being intriguing and full of action. This TV show has been very successful amongst critics that praised the show for creative narrative, original storytelling, and good acting. With great casting, solid directing, and time-tested premise, this TV show hits the right notes when it comes to catering to the audience of […]

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Rogue season 4

Rogue season 4 is the finalization of a very good story that created a very interesting world where criminals are tightly connected to those with official reins of power in their hands. After three seasons with each presenting a new task for our hero to tackle, the show finally brings us to its epiphany bringing […]

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Legion season 1

Episodes: 2

Legion Season 1 is the start of a beautiful (hopefully) collaboration between two great companies – FX and Marvel. Legion is very important X-Men character who has been on fans’ radars for a long time, but had no way to make it to the big screen. Now, it is time for him to enter the […]

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Six season 1

Episodes: 5

Six Season 1 will kick off the story about a very talented group of well-trained soldiers who form the Navy SEAL special operations Team Six. The group of militaries is full of experts in explosives, covert operations, modern warfare, and hand-to-hand combat. Their mission is hard. In the very first season of this promising historical […]

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Lethal Weapon season 1

Episodes: 15

The story of Lethal Weapon episodes is a TV version of the same name movie. The main character is a cop named Martin Riggs, who is a bit unbalanced as he has lost his family after a terrible car accident. He moves to Los Angeles from Texas to start a new life chapter. His new […]

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Chicago P.D. season 4

Episodes: 14 of 22

Chicago P.D. season 4 gives another glimpse into the life of those from Chicago Police Department. Hank Voight is still in charge of the Intelligence Unit. At the end of season 3 he became lieutenant. But his son’s death altered his life. Lindsay used to consider him as someone she could always rely on. However, […]

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Arrow season 5

Episodes: 13 of 24

TV series Arrow season 5 is still a story about Oliver Queen, The Green Arrow, who tries to defend his city and save people. However, this time he is planning not to work “under cover”. He is willing to protect his city being its mayor. A town governor of Star City during the day and […]

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