Star Wars Rebels season 3

Episodes: 15 of 22

Star Wars Rebel Season 3 dives into the action and emerges us in a sequence of events caused by what happened in the previous season. The breathtaking journey of Ghost crew winds up and more obstacles are appearing on the horizon as Sabina zealously desires to bargain with Mandalorians and Ezra is struggling to fight […]

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MacGyver season 1

Episodes: 16

MacGyver is a reboot of the eponymous series. This story will be focused on a young Angus MacGyver, a man who is famous for his abilities to solve problems by unusual ways. Angus or simply “Mac” is now recruited by a covert organization which main goal is to save people around the world. Here he […]

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Sleepy Hollow season 4

Episodes: 7

Sleepy Hollow Season 4 will once again welcome us in the Sleepy Hollow, a small town in New York. The premise of the TV show is a modern adaptation of a very old collection of stories written in 1820 by Washington Irving. With a bit of imagination and great ideas, an old story can be […]

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Colony season 2

Episodes: 6

Colony Season 2 keeps being intriguing and full of action. This TV show has been very successful amongst critics that praised the show for creative narrative, original storytelling, and good acting. With great casting, solid directing, and time-tested premise, this TV show hits the right notes when it comes to catering to the audience of […]

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Arrow season 5

Episodes: 13 of 24

TV series Arrow season 5 is still a story about Oliver Queen, The Green Arrow, who tries to defend his city and save people. However, this time he is planning not to work “under cover”. He is willing to protect his city being its mayor. A town governor of Star City during the day and […]

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Timeless season 1

Episodes: 15

A new TV series Timeless will tell the story about the power of changes: changes in the past that can lead the big shifts at present. But did you know that new technologies from present can be so powerful, that they can change history? Just fancy: scientists secretly have created a time machine. It is […]

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Supergirl season 2

Episodes: 12

Supergirl season 2 will keep on telling a story about the young woman with super abilities and, as expected, super responsibilities. New challenges are awaiting Kara Kent (Melissa Marie Benoist), a girl from Krypton. Will she face them with proper dignity? Being one of those who luckily survived after Krypton’s destruction, she is going on […]

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Black Sails season 4

Episodes: 3 of 10

Black Sails Season 4 picks up the pace of the TV show in a very appealing manner starting with the beginning of the naval battle for Nassau. This massive sea conflict is a perfect fit for the show finale and we will witness some of the fiercest fights between the pirates and the forces of […]

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The Flash season 3

Episodes: 12 of 23

TV series The Flash Season 3 brings back Barry Allen’s life odyssey. He has realized that some things happen by chance and other things take place because we make them so. After defeating the maleficent Zoom, he could manage to speed back in time and save his mother from a terrible death caused by the […]

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Legends of Tomorrow season 2

Episodes: 11

Events of the TV show “Legends of Tomorrow” season 1 is going to stun and shock: our world needs legends. Rip Hunter, a time traveller, went by his spaceship into the future, 2166. He saw something that changed his plans and usual lifestyle. Getting used to work along, he decided to make a team that […]

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