Star Wars Rebels season 3

Episodes: 15 of 22

Star Wars Rebel Season 3 dives into the action and emerges us in a sequence of events caused by what happened in the previous season. The breathtaking journey of Ghost crew winds up and more obstacles are appearing on the horizon as Sabina zealously desires to bargain with Mandalorians and Ezra is struggling to fight […]

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Family Guy season 15

Episodes: 12

Family Guy Season 15 will keep following one of the most interesting characters in the modern world. Watch how our heroes continue creating new memes, produce culture, and change the very way we see the world in the continuation of American best animated TV shows. Some families cannot live without being as ridiculous as this […]

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The Simpsons season 28

Episodes: 13 of 22

The Simpsons Season 28 will go on with a scheme that was successful for decades building a very entertaining plot with funny jokes and bringing to the spotlight some of the most important social and political problems that bother the whole world. One of the culture defining TV shows is back on track and has […]

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Bob’s Burgers season 7

Episodes: 9

Bob’s Burgers Season 7 is a continuation of beloved American series about a mediocre businessman that builds his business on a foundation made of questionable decisions and the funniest marketing ideas ever. The life of an entrepreneur may be hard, but it is rewarding… In some cases. Unfortunately, Bob is not the most successful example […]

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Imaginary Mary season 1

Imaginary Mary season 1 will forcefully emerge you into a very interesting life of Mary who has an imaginary friend while being a grown-up serious independent woman. After meeting a man she loves, Mary feels that every next step is a step closer to the total darkness and uncertainty. When she in doubts, her imaginary […]

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Archer season 8

Archer season 8 is the return of the king of the animated features for adults. One of the bravest and most intelligent unintelligent pieces of television production is back again with its immensely charming mix of cursing, sex, and inappropriate behavior. The show follows the adventures of Archer who is a great agent, but needs […]

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Thunderbirds Are Go season 2

Episodes: 13

Thunderbirds Are Go Season 2 is a great continuation of a very interesting story that pulls you into the sequence of storylines about saving the world from evil masterminds. The world is in danger just as it has always been and only a really strong team of heroes can save it from destruction. This team […]

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Trollhunters season 1

Episodes: 26 of 26

Trollhunters Season 1 is a great story about a chose one who will have to calm down the ever-existing conflict between two worlds and save them both from extinguishing. Jim and Toby are your regular schoolboys, but their lives suddenly change when one of them discovers that there is a whole world under their feet […]

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SuperMansion season 2

Episodes: Special episode

SuperMansion Season 2 continues an intricate narrative about a weird team of superheroes who are struggling to find their place in the world protected by science and technological advance. Titanium Rex is still full of determination to serve the world with his superpowers and he keeps inspiring his team. The previous season showed us how […]

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