Jane the Virgin season 3

Episodes: 12 of 22

Certainly, the last season ending kept all the viewers guessing as to what consequences will unexpected plot twist lead. The third season of the series “Jane the Virgin” goes on oozing emotion and intrigue, as we are to discover the fate of Michael, a police detective that has recently become her husband. Having made a […]

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2 Broke Girls season 6

Episodes: 17

2 Broke Girls Season 6 starts where previous season ends. Now, both Caroline and Max are in charge of the café. They welcome this development and want to make changes to the diner immediately. They want to swap their old cupcakes for a whole dessert bar and this idea can greatly improve the business. Being […]

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Man with a Plan season 1

Episodes: 14

TV series Man with a Plan – a story about the situation that rarely faces a family – mother decides to go back to work while father must take care of kids. Of course, in some countries fathers are even obligated to start a maternity leave but sometimes you have no choice – your wife […]

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Superior Donuts season 1

Episodes: 4

Superior Donuts season 1 is the beginning of a brand new situational comedy for CBS. The channel is notorious for its successful comedies like The Big Band Theory. Now, it is time for a new show that will make us laugh as hard as never before. The new TV show with a pretty much telling […]

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Kevin Can Wait season 1

Episodes: 18

As you have probably guessed from the title, a new comedy release “Kevin Can Wait” is a story with Kevin as the main character. A recently retired New York policeman Kevin has been wishing a peaceful life with his family: a wife and three kids. Anyway, the reality turned out to be quite different, which […]

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Crashing season 1

Episodes: 1

Crashing Season 1 is the beginning of a fresh TV show about a comedian. Obviously, this series will be strictly for comedic relief, but don’t discount it right away. This show will offer a very interesting approach to storytelling and acquired great actors. The whole combination of various elements make this TV show a very […]

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Girls season 6

Episodes: 2

Girls Season 6 welcomes us to the continuation of the TV show that inspires thousands of young women and explores the difficulties of a very intricate and somewhat complicated process – growing up. Over the course of multiple seasons, we witnessed how Hannah slowly had to learn the harshest life lessons after being left without […]

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Big Little Lies season 1

Episodes: 1

Big Little Lies Season 1 will start a very promising story about a murder that brings together several absolutely unrelated women. On top of being completely not related to each other, they are also very different and have nearly nothing in common. However, their lives suddenly become entangled together as a result of a mysterious […]

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Family Guy season 15

Episodes: 13

Family Guy Season 15 will keep following one of the most interesting characters in the modern world. Watch how our heroes continue creating new memes, produce culture, and change the very way we see the world in the continuation of American best animated TV shows. Some families cannot live without being as ridiculous as this […]

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The Simpsons season 28

Episodes: 14 of 22

The Simpsons Season 28 will go on with a scheme that was successful for decades building a very entertaining plot with funny jokes and bringing to the spotlight some of the most important social and political problems that bother the whole world. One of the culture defining TV shows is back on track and has […]

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