Crashing season 1

Episodes: 2

Crashing Season 1 is the beginning of a fresh TV show about a comedian. Obviously, this series will be strictly for comedic relief, but don’t discount it right away. This show will offer a very interesting approach to storytelling and acquired great actors. The whole combination of various elements make this TV show a very […]

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Baskets season 2

Episodes: 6

Baskets Season 2 will tell us the continuation of the story that touched many people around the world. The plot of the TV show revolves around a very unfortunate person who became obsessed with an idea to become a professional clown. While this is definitely not the best career choice for a person that regularly […]

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The Great Indoors season 1

Episodes: 14

The TV series The Great Indoors presents a story about a man who is forced to change his habitual life after doing his favourite job – wandering from one country to another and discovering great places on our planet. Nothing is eternal. And it doesn’t matter how famous you are and what adventures you faced […]

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Mom season 4

Episodes: 15

Mom Season 4 remains to be entertaining and eventful. Bonnie enters a new phase of her life. New responsibilities, unexpected doubts, and fresh problems become her new routine as she decides to let Adam in her life. At the same time, Christy struggles on all fronts trying to reinvigorate her relationships with children who seem […]

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Superstore season 2

Episodes: 15 of 22

Superstore Season 2 is about to bring us even more entertainments, as Cloud 9 and its loyal team of employees continue to hold together their unstably performing supermarket. The season 2 starts with an interesting plot twist, as Amy Dubanowski is about to meet a world-class famous gymnast Missy Jones. This is a fate-determining acquaintance, […]

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Life in Pieces season 2

Episodes: 15

Life in Pieces Season 2 doesn’t let go off the narrative about two very young people who love each other and try to build a family as teenagers. This show addresses various social and financial obstacles that often present themselves in front of young families that are left without help from the outside. Both Colleen […]

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The Big Bang Theory season 10

Episodes: 17 of 24

The Big Bang Theory season 10 starts from Penny and Sheldon`s wedding ceremony. And this proves to be a happy moment but certain circumstances rain on this parade of love and matrimony. After the night Sheldon’s father and Leonard’s mother spent, they feel tense in each other`s presence. What is more, overemotional Penny`s mother, and […]

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Powerless season 1

Episodes: 4

TV show Powerless presents a world that everybody could hardly imagine: a world full of villains and superheroes that are not uncommon and unusual anymore. Imagine: we live with them every day. What would happen if this was real? Will we be absolutely protected and will the crime rate all over the world be totally […]

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Girlfriends Guide to Divorce season 3

Episodes: 7

Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce Season 3 will continue the story about Abby and her incredibly complicated personal life that has been looking like an extreme rollercoaster for a long time. After breaking up with Jake, Abby struggles to find harmony in her life. She is constantly troubled both in terms of career and personal life. […]

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Man Seeking Woman season 3

Episodes: 8

Man Seeking Woman Season 3 returns to us with a new series of stories pulled out of a great collection of short stories by Simon Rich. The TV show focuses on the problems that a young man with a soft character faces in the modern world while looking for a romantic relationship with a woman […]

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