Taboo season 1

Episodes: 7 of 8

Taboo Season 1 will emerge you into a historic setting with trading companies, travels over the ocean, and lots of intrigues. One of the most promising TV shows out there is all about the times when people ventured into risky businesses and tried to re-open the world. This story is all about one particularly talented […]

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Ransom season 1

Episodes: 7 of 13

Ransom Season 1. CBS kicks off a new detective drama that promises to be both thrilling and intelligent. When Spotniz mentioned that he wants to make an internationally produced TV show that will involve a new approach to showing how negotiating is being done, we all got excited! The TV show focuses on the story […]

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit season 18

Episodes: 11 of 22

Another season of the popular TV show Law and Order: SVU. As previously, all the stories are connected with the activity of a special police department. In each series policemen have to risk their lives dealing with malicious criminals, quite often mentally challenged. Lt. Olivia Benson is in charge of Special Victims Unit. The new […]

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Designated Survivor season 1

Episodes: 10 of 13

Designated Survivor is a TV series about politics.Tom Kirkman, the main character of the drama series, works in the US government. He has a quiet family life and can be considered to be a perfect husband to his wife Alex and protective father to their small daughter Penny. But suddenly this calm and harmonious life […]

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Hand of God season 2

Hand of God season 2 will bring some more topics for us to talk when the conversation hits a very unstable matter of psychological breakdowns and their consequences. Spiraling around a story of a judge who was a corrupted servant of justice for a long time, the story shows how a psychological breakdown turns him […]

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Fortitude season 2

Episodes: 4

Fortitude season 2 will guide us through the continuation of a chilling story that involves lots of snow, betrayals, and romance. A truly innovative approach to telling a thrilling drama in a closed setting, Fortitude is definitely the best show for those who love plots with bits of mystery, crime, and lots of character interactions. […]

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MacGyver season 1

Episodes: 16

MacGyver is a reboot of the eponymous series. This story will be focused on a young Angus MacGyver, a man who is famous for his abilities to solve problems by unusual ways. Angus or simply “Mac” is now recruited by a covert organization which main goal is to save people around the world. Here he […]

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The Vampire Diaries season 8

Episodes: 13 of 22

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 is the awaited by many continuation of a story that somewhat defines the trends in the modern world when it comes to popular culture. The story about young vampires and their struggles in blending in the human society is more popular than some of classic stories by Shakespeare. While Bonnie […]

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Bull season 1

Episodes: 14

Bull season 1 is a series about a man who is a great psychologist and a perfect law expert. Some people have a talent; some of them work hard and become irreplaceable specialists. Some people, like Dr. Phil McGraw, are both talented and hard-working. Taught to be a psychologist he learnt how to manipulate people, […]

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Blue Bloods season 7

Episodes: 16 of 22

Blue Blood Season 7 grabs the reins of the story right at the moment when the previous season ends. Frank Reagan wants to prove that he is worthy of the legacy carefully carried through years by his family. His ancestors were the servants and protectors of law abiding citizens and he is determined to continue […]

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