Gotham season 3

Episodes: 13 of 22

Gotham season 3 will tell the viewers about the never-ending struggle for Gotham City. Be ready to learn about the Court of Owls – a secret establishment dominating Gotham. These high-powered people regulate the lives in the city for a long time. They could be those found responsible for tragedy in the Wayne family. A […]

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Timeless season 1

Episodes: 12

A new TV series Timeless will tell the story about the power of changes: changes in the past that can lead the big shifts at present. But did you know that new technologies from present can be so powerful, that they can change history? Just fancy: scientists secretly have created a time machine. It is […]

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The Halcyon season 1

Episodes: 4 of 8

The Halcyon Season 1 opens the gates into the world of struggles that a famous hotel had to live in during the WWII. The war is flaming all around the British empire and it seems that there is no end to devastating bombings and desperate screams. When the first bomb falls on the capital of […]

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Pure season 1

Episodes: 3

Pure Season 1 will show us how the net of organized crime will never stop spreading and corrupt even those who believe in higher powers. The show has a very long history of being tossed around by studio bosses. Apparently, no one truly wanted to have a TV show that would cover a somewhat controversial […]

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Scorpion season 3

Episodes: 14

Scorpion Season 3 picks up the breadcrumbs left to us by our heroes previously. The mysteries continue to appear all over the world and our team of extravagant geniuses has to keep their calm and fight against evil wherever they are needed. With Mark Collins being no longer a threat, the team felt at ease […]

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Lucifer season 2

Episodes: 12 of 13

Second season of “Lucifer” shows us the further live of the main character – Devil in humans’ world. He starts seeing therapist Dr. Linda Martin who gives him worth pieces of advice. This relationship is paying off. In the meantime, his father God observes life of his son Lucifer and decides to bring him back. […]

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NCIS: New Orleans season 3

Episodes: 12 of 24

NCIS season 3 is a drama concentrated on the investigation of serious crimes happened with marines. The season launches with the team’s desperate scramble to cope with the death of Agent Todd’s. It’s a intricate time for the crew members as they have to deal with their feeling while seeking for a ruthless murderer. A […]

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Shadowhunters season 2

Episodes: 4

Shadowhunters Season 2 looks like a solid continuation of a popular TV show about mysterious warriors who fight against evil all over the world. The premise of the story tells us the origins of one of the most impactful warriors that the world has ever seen. Clary is a great individual with immense powers. She […]

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Quantico season 2

Episodes: 9

The hotly debated and expected with impatience, new TV thriller series, “Quantico” is back with the next season of this engrossing story. In spite of Alex Parrish unafraid acts from the previous season, the results were horrifying: she lost her job in FBI, even though Parrish had revealed that the man behind all the attacks […]

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Shots Fired season 1

Shots Fired season 1 will start the exploration of a very controversial and somewhat dangerous for modern media topic – racial tensions. The narrative will bring us to a quite city somewhere in North Carolina. The state notorious for its serenity and tranquility (most of the times) is shocked by a series of shootouts between […]

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