Taboo season 1

Episodes: 8 of 8

Taboo Season 1 will emerge you into a historic setting with trading companies, travels over the ocean, and lots of intrigues. One of the most promising TV shows out there is all about the times when people ventured into risky businesses and tried to re-open the world. This story is all about one particularly talented […]

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Ransom season 1

Episodes: 8 of 13

Ransom Season 1. CBS kicks off a new detective drama that promises to be both thrilling and intelligent. When Spotniz mentioned that he wants to make an internationally produced TV show that will involve a new approach to showing how negotiating is being done, we all got excited! The TV show focuses on the story […]

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Homeland season 6

Episodes: 6 of 12

Homeland Season 6 will take us all on a continuation of a very intriguing journey that has been one of America’s favorite stories over the course of several years. A truly amazing story about military and intelligence professionals is still captivating and brings to us emotions and plot twists that can amaze the most demanding […]

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Fortitude season 2

Episodes: 5

Fortitude season 2 will guide us through the continuation of a chilling story that involves lots of snow, betrayals, and romance. A truly innovative approach to telling a thrilling drama in a closed setting, Fortitude is definitely the best show for those who love plots with bits of mystery, crime, and lots of character interactions. […]

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MacGyver season 1

Episodes: 17

MacGyver is a reboot of the eponymous series. This story will be focused on a young Angus MacGyver, a man who is famous for his abilities to solve problems by unusual ways. Angus or simply “Mac” is now recruited by a covert organization which main goal is to save people around the world. Here he […]

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The Vampire Diaries season 8

Episodes: 14 of 22

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 is the awaited by many continuation of a story that somewhat defines the trends in the modern world when it comes to popular culture. The story about young vampires and their struggles in blending in the human society is more popular than some of classic stories by Shakespeare. While Bonnie […]

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Hawaii Five-0 season 7

Episodes: 18 of 24

Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 seamlessly switches from the last season to the next one picking up the action right from the moment when the previous season ended. One of the most beloved American law enforcing squads is about to start uncovering more crimes! While McGarret was heavily wounded, he is not a soft guy who […]

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Sleepy Hollow season 4

Episodes: 8

Sleepy Hollow Season 4 will once again welcome us in the Sleepy Hollow, a small town in New York. The premise of the TV show is a modern adaptation of a very old collection of stories written in 1820 by Washington Irving. With a bit of imagination and great ideas, an old story can be […]

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Grimm season 6

Episodes: 8

Grimm Season 6 will bring us our beloved heroes who are fighting against evil in various forms including some completely unrealistic ones. The legacy of the family will force our hero to continue his dangerous journey through the world of fairytales which turn out to be real. Dozens of mysterious creatures, demons, and monsters are […]

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Rosewood season 2

Episodes: 17 of 22

Rosewood Season 2 features the glorious return of Dr. Beaumont Rosewood whose unmatched psychological skills helped to find a plethora of dangerous criminals in previous season. The police force of Miami is less fearsome without a very creative and knowledgeable duet of Annalise Villa and Rosie. While police often need assistance from Rosie, no one […]

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