A Series of Unfortunate Events season 1

Episodes: 8

A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 1 is an introduction to a very brave TV show that wants to explore a tragic and dramatic story about several kids. Taking a strange twist on a popular book that has been in the top-selling spot for a while, the show wants us to emerge ourselves in a […]

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Trollhunters season 1

Episodes: 26 of 26

Trollhunters Season 1 is a great story about a chose one who will have to calm down the ever-existing conflict between two worlds and save them both from extinguishing. Jim and Toby are your regular schoolboys, but their lives suddenly change when one of them discovers that there is a whole world under their feet […]

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Fuller House season 2

Episodes: 13

Fuller House Season 2 comes back with a continuation for the story that attracted so much media attention during its first season. Seemingly, the show was doomed for success. The cast and acting were truly amazing and after its initial success the show received the green light. Fortunately, there are some people that are grateful […]

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Mech-X4 season 1

Episodes: 5

Mech-X4 Season 1 is a great sci-fi related TV show about a teenager who discovers that he has a power that can change the world. His talent is not a common ability to draw well or sing better than others, he can literally control any technological device to a certain degree. With his powers he […]

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