Shadowhunters season 2

Episodes: 3

Shadowhunters Season 2 looks like a solid continuation of a popular TV show about mysterious warriors who fight against evil all over the world. The premise of the story tells us the origins of one of the most impactful warriors that the world has ever seen. Clary is a great individual with immense powers. She […]

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Trollhunters season 1

Episodes: 26 of 26

Trollhunters Season 1 is a great story about a chose one who will have to calm down the ever-existing conflict between two worlds and save them both from extinguishing. Jim and Toby are your regular schoolboys, but their lives suddenly change when one of them discovers that there is a whole world under their feet […]

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The Originals season 4

The Originals Season 4 brings back to you one of the most famous Vampire families in the history of TV shows. After an enormous success of Vampire Diaries, the expansion of the universe was only a matter of time. The Originals were launched as a spin-off of the main show and follow the story behind […]

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Reign season 4

Reign Season 4 explores the eventful life of royals. Mary is not a regular person, she is an unordinary woman with great power and even more powerful enemies. Being a queen is not an easy career choice. However, being an ex-queen and a powerless widow is a much harder position to find oneself in. During […]

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The Magicians season 2

The Magicians Season 2 will continue the story about one of the most interesting magic schools since Hogwarts. The premise of the TV show is fairly simple and involves a young man who enters a college for true magicians. However, card tricks and hats with rabbits inside are not the only subject in this institution. […]

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Ash vs Evil Dead season 2

Episodes: 10 of 10

Did you miss real fights, streets full of blood and black humor? If your answer is positive, welcome to the most controversial but all welcome TV series Ash vs Evil Dead season 2. Ash is forced to leave Jacksonville as it became the epicenter of evil and vermin. Now it’s not a city of sunny […]

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Supernatural season 12

Episodes: 8

Supernatural Season 12 will maintain the narrative right after the finale of season 11. The hunters are once again facing the ever persisting problem. When they face the powers of darkness, not only their lives are at stake, but the lives of the closest people as well. While Mary is again walking amongst those who […]

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Once Upon a Time season 6

Episodes: 10 of 23

The 6th season of a long-awaited serial “Once Upon a Time” is back on TV and ready to make the audience interested. Lots of people claim that each of us has something good and bad inside. That makes us warm-hearted, caring and loving or turns us to angry, desperate and vengeful people. Our inner world, […]

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Lucifer season 1

Episodes: 13 of 13

Fox TV show “Lucifer” tells us a story of a Hell’s ruler who becomes tired of the underworld routine and makes a decision to explore humans’ joys. He couldn’t find a better place than LA – a perfect city for a fallen angel. He starts a club surrounding himself with pleasures like alcohol, pretty ladies, […]

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American Gods season 1

TV show “American Gods” is focused on a person who unexpectedly became a bodyguard of the Ancient Norse God Odin and a witness of the confrontation of Old American Deities with New American ones. This story starts with the moment when a man, Shadow Moon, is released from the prison where he has been after […]

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