Grimm season 6

Episodes: 3

Grimm Season 6 will bring us our beloved heroes who are fighting against evil in various forms including some completely unrealistic ones. The legacy of the family will force our hero to continue his dangerous journey through the world of fairytales which turn out to be real. Dozens of mysterious creatures, demons, and monsters are […]

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The Vampire Diaries season 8

Episodes: 9 of 22

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 is the awaited by many continuation of a story that somewhat defines the trends in the modern world when it comes to popular culture. The story about young vampires and their struggles in blending in the human society is more popular than some of classic stories by Shakespeare. While Bonnie […]

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Fortitude season 2

Fortitude season 2 will guide us through the continuation of a chilling story that involves lots of snow, betrayals, and romance. A truly innovative approach to telling a thrilling drama in a closed setting, Fortitude is definitely the best show for those who love plots with bits of mystery, crime, and lots of character interactions. […]

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The Originals season 4

The Originals Season 4 brings back to you one of the most famous Vampire families in the history of TV shows. After an enormous success of Vampire Diaries, the expansion of the universe was only a matter of time. The Originals were launched as a spin-off of the main show and follow the story behind […]

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Scream Queens season 2

Episodes: 10 of 13

TV series Scream Queens season 2 has a plot that is focused on university and life of students. The studying year has begun but students don’t enjoy their studies and can’t relax in their free time as they think about the series of murders happened there. The 2 season will take place in a hospital […]

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The Magicians season 2

The Magicians Season 2 will continue the story about one of the most interesting magic schools since Hogwarts. The premise of the TV show is fairly simple and involves a young man who enters a college for true magicians. However, card tricks and hats with rabbits inside are not the only subject in this institution. […]

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Z Nation season 3

Episodes: 14 of 14

In Z Nation season 3 viewers are as previously exposed to the never-ending fight to save the mankind during the era of post-apocalypse when all the people but one become zombies. As season 2 finished, the major question about the prospects of the mankind was left unanswered. Murphy had an idea to establish an army […]

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The Exorcist season 1

Episodes: 10 of 10

The Exorcist TV series is based on the book and movie of the same name. Angela Rance is suffering from nightmares and hears strange voices in her house. She believes in presence of some demon, who becomes stronger day by day. She is desperate for a exorcist and asks the priest Tomas Ortega for help. […]

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Scream season 2

Episodes: 13 of 14

Scream Season 2 will continue the story that we all liked after it arrived to our screens. Six young people are in trouble and their hometown Lakewood does not know all the secrets hidden in their past. However, their previous deeds are coming back to haunt them once again and our six heroes find themselves […]

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The Walking Dead season 7

Episodes: 8 of 16

The well-known all over the world post-apocalyptic series “The Walking Dead” is ready to surprise the audience with new episodes of the 7th season. It starts from the moment when the 6th season was completed: Negan randomly chooses one person from Rick’s group in order to kill him as a sign of punishment and “justice” […]

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