Star season 1

Episodes: 4

Star Season 1 will kick off one of the most daring stories about the struggles of young promising talents. While some may think that becoming a star is an easy task once you discover talent and good looks, the true path of a renowned musician is a hard one paved with thorny places and dark […]

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Nashville season 5

Episodes: 3

Nashville Season 5 will focus on the lives of several country-music stars whose careers are full of problems and often interfere with their personal lives. While many people believe that music stars live an easy life, the real world is full of problems and dilemmas and often paved with one disappointment after another. Rayna and […]

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Mozart in the Jungle season 3

Episodes: 10 of 10

Mozart in the Jungle Season 3 is the continuation of a story that involves lots of drama, passion, and talented individuals. The family of musicians is still trying to find sense in life and search for inspiration while sorting out their relationships with each other. The story will focus on Rodrigo who decided to continue […]

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Empire season 3

Episodes: 9 of 18

Empire season 3 brings the battle in the foreground. Many people still aspire to Empire Entertainment. Lucious makes steps to boost the company’s popularity in the hip hop sector by introducing a streaming channel. His half-brother, Tariq, is trying to find facts against Lucious, which will inevitably end in a clash between the two. Cookie […]

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