Quantico season 2

Episodes: 9

The hotly debated and expected with impatience, new TV thriller series, “Quantico” is back with the next season of this engrossing story. In spite of Alex Parrish unafraid acts from the previous season, the results were horrifying: she lost her job in FBI, even though Parrish had revealed that the man behind all the attacks […]

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Endeavour season 4

Episodes: 3

Endeavour season 4 will bring back our beloved Endeavour Morse and some of his friends. The TV show that became one of the most important TV movies of the last decade for the whole British television still runs well and attracts millions of viewers all across the world. After three seasons of highly intense detective […]

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Homeland season 6

Episodes: 2 of 12

Homeland Season 6 will take us all on a continuation of a very intriguing journey that has been one of America’s favorite stories over the course of several years. A truly amazing story about military and intelligence professionals is still captivating and brings to us emotions and plot twists that can amaze the most demanding […]

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The Missing season 2

Episodes: 8 of 8

The Missing season 2 will tell us a new story about people separated with their loved ones. The first season was universally acclaimed by various critics who all praised both storytelling and acting. The showrunners demonstrated their ability to turn a very simple story about a father who never stopped searching for his son who […]

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Rosewood season 2

Episodes: 12 of 22

Rosewood Season 2 features the glorious return of Dr. Beaumont Rosewood whose unmatched psychological skills helped to find a plethora of dangerous criminals in previous season. The police force of Miami is less fearsome without a very creative and knowledgeable duet of Annalise Villa and Rosie. While police often need assistance from Rosie, no one […]

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The Blacklist season 4

Episodes: 11 of 22

The Blacklist Season 4 picks up the pace right after a couple of memorable events in the end of the season 3. Tom has suddenly found his mother and is ready to start a new chapter of his life. Raymond Reddington himself is seemingly lost for the first time in his life. Questions and doubts […]

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The Americans season 5

The Americans Season 5 is the beginning of the end of one of the best TV shows that has ever been aired in the U.S. Based on the story of two KGB agents who are living undercover in the United States of America, the show demonstrates how intense was the conflict between intelligence and counterintelligence […]

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit season 18

Episodes: 9 of 22

Another season of the popular TV show Law and Order: SVU. As previously, all the stories are connected with the activity of a special police department. In each series policemen have to risk their lives dealing with malicious criminals, quite often mentally challenged. Lt. Olivia Benson is in charge of Special Victims Unit. The new […]

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Blindspot season 2

Episodes: 12 of 23

TV series Blindspot season 2 will continue making a brainstorm: main heroes remain the same and the secrets are still unknown, however lots of things have been changed. Jane’s tattoos are still the clues to serious crimes; however she also becomes an unsolvable riddle: this woman lied to FBI agents about her true identity. Who […]

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Frequency season 1

Episodes: 12

A new TV series “Frequency” will show unpredictable events: a young woman uses a home-made wireless station to communicate with her father, who perished some decades ago. Isn’t it unbelievable? NYPD Detective and a pretty young woman, Raimy Sullivan, doesn’t have good memories about her father, Detective Frank Sullivan. He left home when his daughter […]

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