Mom season 4

Episodes: 14

Mom Season 4 remains to be entertaining and eventful. Bonnie enters a new phase of her life. New responsibilities, unexpected doubts, and fresh problems become her new routine as she decides to let Adam in her life. At the same time, Christy struggles on all fronts trying to reinvigorate her relationships with children who seem […]

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Nashville season 5

Episodes: 8

Nashville Season 5 will focus on the lives of several country-music stars whose careers are full of problems and often interfere with their personal lives. While many people believe that music stars live an easy life, the real world is full of problems and dilemmas and often paved with one disappointment after another. Rayna and […]

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Grey’s Anatomy season 13

Episodes: 13 of 24

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 is a great continuation of a praised and celebrated TV show. The life in Seattle Grace Hospital is as energetic and eventful as ever and the amount of intricate cases that dr. Meredith Grey has to solve just grows with every season. While many things in her life change gradually over […]

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Man Seeking Woman season 3

Episodes: 7

Man Seeking Woman Season 3 returns to us with a new series of stories pulled out of a great collection of short stories by Simon Rich. The TV show focuses on the problems that a young man with a soft character faces in the modern world while looking for a romantic relationship with a woman […]

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Being Mary Jane season 4

Episodes: 5

Being Mary Jane season 4 will continue guiding us through problems and issues that form the life of our beloved Jane. She is not only a successful independent black woman, but a very talented person who knows how to find the balance between personal, family, and professional lives. This is a very entertaining and truly […]

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Love season 2

Love season 2 brings back our adorable heroes from the show that made clear that an orthodox and “surpriseless” relationship that is told in simple words and by simple people can be amazingly attracting. With a strong cast and incredibly well written screenplay, the show slowly captivates with its simplicity and absence of overly dramatic […]

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You Me Her season 2

You Me Her season 2 will bring us the continuation to a thrilling story about a very unusual romance that happens in Portland. One of the most interesting TV shows about how things can go wrong when a couple meets a person that they both like. This is truly a very intriguing plot about a […]

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The Kennedys: After Camelot

The Kennedys: After Camelot brings back the setting that some of us loved, but mostly did not fully embrace or understand. While the premise of the first TV miniseries was met warmly, the execution was criticized heavily with the overwhelming majority of critics completely dismantling the feature for weak dialogues and poor acting. Many people […]

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Famous In Love season 1

Famous in Love Season 1 will give us an insight into the lives of Hollywood stars who often struggle with balancing professional and personal. When a quiet young teenager that enjoys her school life gets involved into auditions for a blockbuster, the story takes a very sharp turn and shakes up her life in a […]

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Younger season 3

Episodes: 12 of 12

Younger Season 3 will give you a little more insight into the life of a somewhat lonely woman with a common name Liza Miller. While her initials maybe as frequent in America as your average burger, her ambitions and desires are from being regular. She is a representative of an older generation but drastically wants […]

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