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Great News season 1

Great News season 1 tv poster nbc
Rating IMDb 5.9/10 from 158 votes

Episodes: 2

Original Title: Great News

Country, Channel: USA, NBC

Release Date: April 25, 2017


Creators: Tracey Wigfield

Directors: Beth McCarthy-Miller

Cast: Adam Campbell, Briga Heelan, John Michael Higgins, Andrea Martin, Tom Cappadona, Nicole Dele, James Donnelly, Yolanda English, Ava Himmel, Josh Latzer, Greg Allan Martin, Connor McCabe, Cameron Sanders, Doug Spearman, Lucas Walsh, Alec Manley Wilson, Harry Yi, Kimrie Lewis-Davis, Martha Madison, Horatio Sanz, Nicole Richie, Sheaun McKinney, Stewart Skelton, Marcus W. Hogan, Sarah Baker, Kingston Foster, Roni Akurati, Nicole Bonifacio

Language: English

Runtime: 32

Great News season 1 will give you a sneak-peek into the intricacies of the production of a news show. Katie is one of the most talented young show producers and shoe wants her news show to be perfect. Usually, the biggest problem is the staff, but many people find their way to communicate with their employees and control the environment.
Katie has a big issue. She is fine with anyone on her crew except her new intern. While working with an intern is usually quite easy, Katie has to deal with her own mother who decided that working in media is the best way to reinvigorate her passion for life. Unfortunately, her daughter does not share her enthusiasm.
The couple will have to deal with lots of family issues and try to make the best show possible given the circumstances. Her mom is one of the most caring and loving mothers in the world and sometimes her care can be a little overwhelming. While some people love a good cheerleader on their side, Katie is struggling to find comfort in this tricky situation.
When family reunites to cooperate, a lot of funny situations happen naturally. The show will bring us a lot of fun and lots of very good jokes. Grab your drinks and try to sit still on your chair. The show will be hilariously funny. You may fall of your sit!

Great News season 1 download all episodes at high speed:

Episode 1: Pilot AVI (360p, 354.3 MB): MP4 (400p, 331.9 MB): MKV (720p, 1.1 GB):

Episode 2: Bear Attack AVI (360p, 177.3 MB): MP4 (400p, 180.4 MB): MKV (720p, 595.7 MB):

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