Lucifer season 3

Lucifer season 3 brings back one of the most charming versions of Devil to ever be put on screen. Stripped of ambitions, happily open to new experiences, and completely confused by what is happening in Los Angeles, our main protagonist managed to captivate the audience. Despite immense body of work done by all cast members, […]

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Lucifer season 2

Episodes: 18

Second season of “Lucifer” shows us the further live of the main character – Devil in humans’ world. He starts seeing therapist Dr. Linda Martin who gives him worth pieces of advice. This relationship is paying off. In the meantime, his father God observes life of his son Lucifer and decides to bring him back. […]

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Lucifer season 1

Episodes: 13 of 13

Fox TV show “Lucifer” tells us a story of a Hell’s ruler who becomes tired of the underworld routine and makes a decision to explore humans’ joys. He couldn’t find a better place than LA – a perfect city for a fallen angel. He starts a club surrounding himself with pleasures like alcohol, pretty ladies, […]

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